What We Do

Until They're Home offers a unique twist on animal rescue. We believe that education and understanding go a long way in helping to keep animals out of the shelter system. We offer non-judgemental help for those who are struggling to keep their pets at home, as well as more traditional rescue services such as fostering and adoption. We also work to help shelters implement new programs or support existing ones. Until They're Home can help with behavioral issues, tech/website support, marketing and networking, and so much more!

Keep Them Home (KTH)™

Losing your home temporarily and don't have a place for your pet? Is your dog showing behaviors that you don't understand and are threatening your ability to keep them in your home? We might be able to help! Our KTH program focuses on keeping pets out of the shelter who already have loving families. If your family is struggling to keep your pet at home for any reason, please contact us or fill out our KTH application here:


FAF is a shelter-based program that provides animals with more personalized help to be successfully adopted. Our shelter partners continue to care for the animal while we search for an appropriate foster or foster-to-adopt home. If a home passes our adoption screening process, the shelter will transfer the animal and UTH will provide any support needed during the foster period, as well as post-adoption support.

KTH™ Home to Home

While we encourage every owner to pursue all available options, we understand that sometimes it may be in the best interest of an animal to be rehomed. UTH provides a safe, jugement-free environment to help you rehome your pet. We sign you on as a foster home while we market your pet and screen potential new homes. If needed, we also place your animal on our foster home waitlist. Fill out our Keep Them Home application to have a UTH representative contact you:

Our Amazing Team

Jasmun Hendrick

President, Co-Founder

Molly Obert

Lead Behaviorist, Co-Founder, VP of Misc. Stuff

Ali Jensen

Assistant Beastmaster

Hailey Kohl

Placement Guru


Saving animals is a collaborative effort and we couldn't do it without the support of other organizations and individuals. Thank you to the following for your continued support of Until They're Home and our mission.


Find your new best friend!

Please read the following carefully as our adoption process is a bit different.

Interested in adding a new member to your family? Check out some of our adoptable animals! At UTH, most of our adoptions come with a trial period to let you and your family decide if your new pet is a good permanent fit. We consider each application in the order they are received. Some of the animals listed here are not available for adoption, but are looking for temporary foster homes, so please read the bio of each animal carefully as this will indicate the type of home we are looking for.

If there is an animal that particularly interests you, please fill out our adoption application here: https://form.jotform.com/92587410679166.

Because we work with situations where potential adopters need extra support, we require that you pass our adoption screening process before meeting with an animal. Many of our animals are transitioning from a situation that wasn't an appropriate fit for them and we do our best to make sure that their new home will be a better match. Sometimes this is as easy as making sure that an adopter has no kids or that they don't have any other animals, but usually it's more subtle than that. We are transparent about what type of home we are looking for and what will be needed to set this animal up for success.

If your application is approved and everyone decides to move forward, we schedule a meeting with the animal and your family. If you want to take the animal home, you have the option of doing a trial period. Adoptions are finalized electronically the same day you take the animal home. If you decide to do the trial period, our Behavior team will be available for daily support through our text support line offering training tips, in addition to full training sessions over Zoom to help set your dog up for success. If you decide at the end of the trial period that the dog is not a good fit for your home, we will transfer them back into our organization and you will be reimbursed the majority of your adoption payment.

Please keep in mind that we are a small organization with limited resources. We try to respond to as many inquiries and applications as we can. Additionally, we do manage several other programs that serve our community in emergency or life-threatening situations. We appreciate your patience and thank you for choosing to adopt!

Email is our primary method of communication for most applications. Sometimes our emails go to spam. Please keep an eye on your spam folder in case any of our emails end up there.