We want to help animals in need
It's that simple.
Research has shown that a shelter environment is one of the most stressful places that a dog can be. Their stress hormone levels rocket and the noise level is usually multiple times that of an average concert. The effects of this type of living situation may or may not show immediately, but over time almost any dog's outlook on the world begins to deteriorate. Some shelter dogs get so stressed out that they can't be handled and so they are forced to live day in and day out in a concrete cell. Unfortunately, we still live in a society where shelters are a necessity. Until They're Home is there to help make shelters as helpful of a place as possible. We support shelter personal, help find fosters for the dogs that are suffering the most in a shelter environment and implement enrichment programs to help dogs stay quiet and give them something to do in the shelter. Taking it even one step further, we do what we can to keep dogs out of the shelter in the first place. Until They're Home offers non-judgemental advice and support for people looking to rehome their dogs.
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