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Until They're Home offers a unique twist on animal rescue. We believe that education and understanding go a long way in helping to keep animals out of the shelter system. We offer non-judgemental help for those who are struggling to keep their pets at home, as well as more traditional rescue services such as fostering and adoption. We also work to help shelters implement new programs or develop existing ones. Shelters often work with limited resources and we know that every iota of volunteer/staff time and every penny needs to be used as efficiently as possible! Until They're Home can help with behavioral training, tech/website support, marketing and networking, and so much more!

Who We Are

Staff & Board

Jasmun Hendrick

President, Board Member, Trainer

Jasmun and Kody
Photo Credit: Pat Gaines

Jasmun has over a decade of experience in the animal world - from veterinary practice to behavior modification and training. She has had a variety of foster dogs and cats and continually strives to make the world a more animal-friendly place.

  • Worked for 3+ years as a veterinary technician at Wellington Vet Clinic
  • Graduated from CSU with a degree in Computer Science
  • Has run her own software business for over 5 years
  • Volunteered for Animal House Rescue & Grooming, specializing in fostering dogs with higher behavioral needs
  • Assisted classes taught by Summit Dog Training
  • 5+ years of fostering experience with rescues throughout Colorado, specializing in tough behavioral modification cases
  • President, Treasurer and Trainer for Until They're Home
  • Administrating the Keep Them Home program, working with families with limited resources who want to keep their pets out of the shelter

Molly Obert

Secretary, Lead Trainer, Board Member

Molly pictured w/Julesburg, adopted 2018.
Photo credit: Erin Thames Photography

Molly is a passionate animal welfare advocate, who believes that every dog deserves a full belly, a warm place to sleep and a life free from physical harm. She grew up in a family of committed rescue advocates, with a myriad of dogs and cats with behavior issues. She also took great joy in helping her uncle train his service dogs over the years. She’s set out to help dogs better understand and navigate life as companion animals, and to help people understand and love dogs for the incredible creatures they are. Her main goals are reducing pet overpopulation and the number of animals surrendered to shelters, and increasing successful adoptions.

  • 2010 Graduated from Colorado State University with degrees in Epistemology and Eastern Religious Studies
  • 2011-2016 Volunteer for Animal House Rescue and Grooming
  • 2013 Graduated from K9 Coach training program
  • 2013 Started “Good Dog!” Walking and Sitting LLC, providing pet sitting and dog walking for rescued dogs with behavior needs
  • 2016 to Date - Teaching group classes and private lessons with K9 Wisdom Training and Consulting LLC.
  • 2018 to Date - Board member, Secretary and Lead Trainer for Until They’re Home
  • 2018 to Date - Enrolled at The Academy For Dog Trainers


Foster Co-ordinator

Could this be you?

As our foster network continues to grow, we would love to have someone to stay on top of all those moving pieces. Currently this position would require 4-5 hours/week and is strictly volunteer, but we would like to grow it into a paid staff position. If you're interested email us at

Sarah Stiles

Board Member

Sarah began her time in animal welfare as the Director of a small foster home based rescue called A Soft Place to Land in Ft. Collins. ASPTL began as a puppy mill dog rescue, but soon morphed into a senior and special needs focused rescue. Sarah has worked with a few of the larger open admissions shelter in the area through the rescue, as well as several smaller rural shelters from surrounding states. After seven years Sarah needed a break from rescue and moved into the dog training field in order to help dogs stay in their homes and out of shelters. She is currently an associate trainer with Summit Dog Training in Ft. Collins. Sarah shares her home with her squad of misfit rescue dogs and her two cats.


Find your new best friend!.

Are you looking for a new addition to your family? Check out some of these wonderful four-feets that are ready to love you. Contact us if you are interested in any of these sweethearts. <3 (NOTE: Not all of these animals are in the custody of Until They're Home, but are part of our shelter/rescue network.)


What Can We Do For You?

Until They're Home offers a wide-variety of animal-related services.


We Can Help!

Whether your're seeking a new pet or looking for help with an old one, we're here to help! We offer non-judgemental services for individuals and shelters, including: adoption coaching to help you find the right fit for your home behavioral help for people who are struggling to keep their pets at home rehoming services when you can no longer meet the needs of your pet volunteer training for shelters and rescue staff/volunteers behavioral services for shelter/rescue animals foster home support, both in and out of our organization

Individual Help

Are you thinking of rehoming your pet? We offer non-judgmental services for rehoming and do our best to find a new home for your four-legged friend. We work with you to give you the help to act as a foster home for your pet until they are adopted. We also work with families who are interested in finding a solution that allows their pet to stay home, but lack the resources to do so.

Whatever your situation, please reach out if you are on the verge of surrendering your dog to the shelter and see if we can help.

Shelter Help

We often work with shelters to help them improve their skills and give them more tools to help more homeless animals. We have taught classes for staff and volunteers on how to read canine behavior and learn new handling skills.


Latest From The Blog.

Yote's Story

This is Yote. He came to my attention through social media when a friend posted Yote's Craig's List ad, pleading for help. It was clear from the post that Yote's dad cared about him a lot and didn't want to have to rehome him. UTH reached out to him, offering a free behavioral consultation to see if we could help. He gladly took us up on it and Yote became the first member of our Keep Them Home program

What is happening with Pueblo?

...I have been completely derailed by the train wreck that is Community Animal Shelter of Pueblo (CASP). It has brought up some big philosophical and logistical animal rescue questions. I was called in to help a couple of weeks ago, and I can’t stop following, lamenting..

A little bit about Jaz

It's been so heartening over the years to see the prominent place animal rescues and shelters are taking in our world. I remember when I was a kid and we went to adopt our first dog...


Donate, foster, volunteer!

Until They're Home couldn't do what we do without your support. It's a community effort to help all homeless pets in the world and there are several ways that you can support what we do.


We accept donations online through Paypal and Facebook. We also take checks through the mail and cash in person at any of our events.


Shop on Amazon a lot? Use AmazonSmile to automatically have a portion of your purchases donated to UTH. Or buy something from our wish list - the homeless animals thank you!

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Become part of our CAMP program!

Want a canine buddy just for the day? Or the weekend? Or maybe you're looking to foster to adopt? These are all part of our CAMP program! We have volunteering opportunities with commitment levels to fit any lifestyle.
Join our C.A.M.P. (Canine Adoptions Made Possible) program by filling out the following form: CAMP application and one of our staff will be in touch with you shortly!

Volunteer with us

Contact us to learn about other ways to volunteer! Or check out our events page for more information.


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